house in San Vigilio

Found this amazing residence last summer in San Vigilio di Marebbe, wandering around the mountains. 
Love at first sight.


cottage in Melbourne

This is the Hardiman Street Cottage in Melbourne, restored by ODR architects.
What is to mention: the cottage is very small, can you imagine? 
What i loved: maxi livingroom opening on a private terrace with industrial vibe, maxi leather seat and free trunks around the space.


lovely interior in Venice

I lived in Venice for three years: one in the smallest house you can imagine, the others in a giant apartment with 50's furniture and pre-war windows everything. I would have loved to live in a place like that!



Vallvidrera house

I am intrigued by these shapes.

YLAB Arquitectos
Photographer: Marcella Grassi


apartment in Milan

This interior by a2bc architects caught my eyes.
What i liked the most: original brickwalls perfectly conserved, concrete stairs of course, wooden floor inserts.
I would love to decorate and customize this place.


Vader house

This really fills up my senses.

Andrew Maynard Architects
photographer: Peter Bennetts


flat renovation in Barcelona

Just stumbled upon this bright renovation by MirallesTagliabue EMBT studio.
I've heard of Benedetta Tagliabue first time in Venice during summer workshops, her final ehxibitions were marvelous.


rustic in the woods

During my journey in Switzerland i found this beautiful rustic hidden in the woods on the way to Serpiano. I'd love to renovate it and it would be such an amazing place to live. The stone walls and the wooden porch were perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature, waiting for the autumn to come. 



This year has been a year of photographic research: 
I've restructured my thoughts and become more focused on concepts and geometries. 
I like to think i'm being myself in an artistic way where it is all connected: 
photography, architecture, eyes, heart.

This is a picture I've taken last winter with my Sony NEX-6.
It's all about trees and their branches longing to the sky.
I don't like labelling and illustrating my pictures, I don't like boundaries.
I like Rothko. I like people to see what they wanna see.

printed on canson, framed and ... now on my bedroom wall.

 images ©  agnese / milkywalls


60th Casa Moderna

These are my random favourites from the annual exhibition Casa Moderna here in Udine.
Small stands but I found some pieces to fall in love with, someone older than the others but yet timeless.


darks interiors

I'm not a fan of total white, indeed I could live in dark interiors. It obviously depends on the places, some fit better than others the dark palette, but i love the sensation of intimacy and cosiness they have. 


apartment in Turin

An interesting project by magmaprogetti.
What i like: industrial air given by white beams and steel kitchen,
 rollaway bedroom, mix of  modern and antique.

house in Norfolk

This is Stable Acre, a project by David Kohn and winner of Riba regional award in 2012.
What i like the most: brick walls, concrete floor, giant wooden table and light of course.



Leaving in a few hours for a little journey.
Camera, lenses, moleskine, heart. 
All checked.