It's time to start sharing the products from Milano DesignWeek I found most interesting.
 Sancal Studio has been a big surprise with these two pieces I loved:
 Rew armchair and Perigallo stool from Gràfica Collection.



memento from Triennale di Milano:
a notebook made from stone (specifically with waste of construction materials), 
fine hand binding and vintage covers with meditative quotes.


Salone Satellite

Just back from the Milano Design Week with a bag of catalogues, a lot of inspiration and the beauty in the eyes. Here is my personal selection from Salone Satellite, an observatory of young talents from all over the world.  


Haus am Moor

Wooden houses awaken my sweetest and youngest memories. I've spent on the mountains most of the summers of my life and in places like that, utterly sorrounded by nature, I've lived my happiest and most intimate moments. So when i bump on Bernardo Bader's projects something really messes with my heart.