It's time to start sharing the products from Milano DesignWeek I found most interesting.
 Sancal Studio has been a big surprise with these two pieces I loved:
 Rew armchair and Perigallo stool from Gràfica Collection.

Some info:

The word “Perigallo” is taken from a local Spanish dialect. It is used to describe a three legged ladder used to harvest local fruit. Domínguez, García & Ibáñez borrowed this traditional idea and given it a new use. The stool which structure is ash, can be folded away when not in use.

Rew is an acronym for rest-eat-work.
Rest - Chairs and sofas can be used with two different types of arm: one is high and thin like the back and the other is low and soft, like the base of the design.
Eat - The “nutritious” part corresponds to an ample number of benches which can be used with a dining table. 
Work - Since the productivity at work is directly related to our concentration and feeling of wellbeing, these family of products enable a certain degree of privacy.

Friendly and functional.
Do you like it?

- the promotional images are Sancal courtesy -

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