Leaving in a few hours for a little journey.
Camera, lenses, moleskine, heart. 
All checked.


black and white equilibrium

I have a great passion for black and white, starting from photography where i can focus on a subject and communicate a concept more directly. I tend to wear black and white clothes and my bedroom is definitely black and white mood with random grey and greige touch ( maybe a post will occur soon).

This is my personal selection from pinterest discoveries. Black and white equilibrium.

apartment in Lisbon

Faboulous wowish ceiling.


house in Brooklyn

Stumbled upon this tiny interior in Brooklyn which netrual palette makes it look bigger than it actually is.
My personal favs: rustic table, dog on the countertop and panton chairs by Vitra

bedrooms bedrooms bedrooms

When i find myself designing a bedroom I ask myself: "would I sleep there?"
If the answer is yes I'm doing good.
I would sleep great in all of these beautiful rooms. Can I, please?



I've found this amazing flicrk stream named cabineculture and I feel the urge to share some of the beautiful pictures in it. They seems to be all places where you can forget your problems and free yourself living the bond with nature.  

random visuals

Sometimes i feel attracted by images that don't represent specific rooms, just interstitial places or glimpses that catch my attention. "God is in the details" isn't he?


saturday finds

Coming home from a lunch at Pepata di corte, a restaurant in Udine which interior deserves a post itself ( and i'll do it for sure), i came across the new shop window of Vattolo where i found this amazing furniture:

I love everything and i had to share it.

Main forniture is part of the new Brick Collection designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni

attic in Camogli

A very tiny apartment on the harbour where everything has its place.


concrete passion / kitchen

Kitchens are a big passion of mine. Sometimes i feel near like a stolker but here's the thing: they are my favourite rooms above all. So, first post to launch the blog but definitely not the last.